Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beers And Cheers Are Greater Than Tears

Do not mourn me when I pass away
I am not worthy of your heart felt tears
If you feel the need for remembrance
Smile while enjoying pizza and cold beers

Life is too short to spend it mourning me
Take this time to do something you've wanted to try
I assure you that if you just put it off
Your chances diminish within the blink of an eye

I may not have explored a lot in my life
But to me, my goals were simple from the start
I probably never will be a wealthy man
But had family and friends who gave me a rich heart

My tastes were simple, my experiences many
And my dreams fueled my wild imagination
From those visions, words would appear
And writing them out was my destination

So do not fear that I missed out on life
Or that my time came too soon to achieve enough
I have filled up notebooks of emotions
And shared my life whether it was fun or tough

No tears missing me as I will see you soon
No worries because my life was not a waste
No emptiness as I shared my heart as needed
And will love you all the same in my new place

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Love Won't Win This Race

You came through the front door, that look in your eyes
Said we needed to talk and it caught me by surprise
You said that it was over, we could still be friends
And to look at this as a new beginning, not an end
Tears flow down your cheeks and I know it's hurting you
But a punch in the face wouldn't compare to my pain too
I feel like a lost soul and I'll never find that old place
Maybe like a NASCAR driver who has just lost a race
Like I was spun out and I am done for the day
Now we are left as our lives go their own way
I feel like Dale Jr and Kyle Busch just cost me first place
I am off to pit row and I don't think our love wins this race

My heart doesn't stop just because your heart has
Mine is like a driver with his foot stuck on the gas
I understand you don't love me like that anymore
But these feelings I have, I just can't ignore
I need more time to process my new life now
So you will have to excuse me if I still seem down
I hate that we couldn't work this relationship out
But I guess that is part of what life is truly about
So I'll shed some tears, reflect on all of our good years
And probably drink a lot of beers but eventually find next gear
It looks as though unlike Tony Stewart, we won't finish in first place
The caution flag is out and our love is out of this race
We will never be like Jimmie Johnson with many years in first place
The checkered flag is out and it looks as if our love won't win this race

Happy At Hooters

It's been a long day and I'm feeling low
I have one more stop then it's home I go
My stomach is rumbling so it's time to eat
So I swing by Hooters and look for a seat
Some may say I just go to enjoy the view
But as great as that is, the food's good too
A Philly cheese steak and wings sound great
Maybe a cold Bud in a glass beside my plate
Jen my waitress arrives and greets me with a smile
She's so friendly, makes me want to stay for a while
To call her beautiful would not cover how she looks
I would compare her to any woman written about in books
I tell myself that she is too gorgeous for me
And she probably spends her day dodging guy's pleas
She talks to me a bit, not knowing she's made my day
I can't help but listen to every word she has to say
Still too shy and afraid of how she may reply
I keep to myself how I feel about her inside
As I get ready to leave, I hand her a $20 tip
She made my day and glad I made the trip
If she only knew how good she made me feel
Jen was like a great dream come true
She made me want to go back whenever I can
I will now and forever be known as a Hooters man

I Miss The Piano

Nothing was ever more captivating
Her playing was breath taking
I could listen to her all day long
I was drawn in and nothing was wrong
All my pains and sorrow would disappear
She played the most beautiful music heard
Watching her emotion poured out on the keys
Her fingers could make Jello of my knees

Since she's been gone my life has changed
The sound of music has not been the same
Anytime I hear a concerto, I think about her
I miss the piano and I miss the way we were

I miss her passion, I miss the harmony
I was so fortunate when she played for me
I loved how it made her feel inside
Expressing herself whether she laughed or cried
No matter if it was Mozart or Billy Joel
She opened up her heart and her soul
I know in Heaven they hear the most beautiful sounds
It's no coincidence that God wanted her around

She showed me class and brought me happiness
She deserved the best and nothing less
Being with her was a dream that came true
I miss the piano and damn I miss her too

No more warm up exercises, no more crescendo
No more sparkle in her eyes, I truly miss her so
Now every time I hear Joel's "She's Got A Way"
I listen to every word and note that he plays
She was taken away from us much too soon
We never got to share the stars and the moon
I would give up every thing if I could
To see her sitting next to some baby grand wood
It's not fair that my life has to continue
When I miss the piano and I miss loving you
I miss you playing the piano but most of all, I miss you

Therapy Of The Soul

My words may seem very simplistic
And at times also naively idealistic
I just try to keep myself optimistic
And yet remain somewhat realistic

My imagination is therapy of the soul
Off my tongue, the words fluently roll
For just as a fire is aided by coal
Sharing my words is now my goal

Everyone should find a way of expression
It can help you to combat depression
Possibly help show your life direction
Or at the least, a nice poetry collection

I would hope if you read this, I entertain you
And know what I feel in my heart is true
Hopeful to have a career path to pursue
But my words come only as they need to

Sometimes insomnia can play a major part
As words flow from me, telling me to start
But I need to be heard straight from the heart
No matter the hour, ideas fling out like darts

I will try to fill my words with love, not hate
And with compassion, each word I contemplate
Until the good Lord says its time to pass his gate
I accept this as both a blessing and my fate

For as long as I am told what to say
I will continue to carry on this way
Not knowing what I may share that day
For I am a poet and this is my price to pay

My Red Rose

From time to time
I give you a red rose
I think of it as a symbol
Of how our love grows

We started as a seed too
And soon we began to bloom
Taking the perfect time
And not blossom too soon

With patience and care
Our petals took their form
They can only get like that
With a love caring and warm

The stems may have thorns
That sometimes stab and poke
But we take those rough spots
And turn them into our joke

Water helps to nurture them
Makes them bigger every day
It's the heart of the growth
Our love grows the same way

The rose also has another meaning
I see it as a breath taking sight
A wonder of nature like you
So beautiful and so perfectly right

So next time I bring you some
I hope that you will know
I'm not giving you a flower
I'm saying you are my red rose

Still My Little Girl

I fell in love with a great woman
And she's made me a happy man
She happens to have a daughter
And their both in my future plans
I don't ever think of her as a burden
Nor was she ever like a third wheel
She is a major part of my life now
And to me, I got a two for one deal
I missed a lot of great memories
Like her first step and her first word
I never saw her first day of school
Or found out what new things learned
I wasn't around for her birth
Though she's part of my world
She may not be my blood
But she's still my little girl

I feel so honored she let me in her life
And I am proud she gave me a chance
I hope to be there for her as needed
And make sure she enjoys life's dance
All I want is to help when she asks
Or listen whenever she needs to talk
I'll be her cane when she needs a place to lean
And by her side when she walks
I want to see her wearing a cap and gown
I hope to be there to see her wedding day
Watch her eyes light up as her child is born
And those days between, help guide the way
I wasn't around for her birth
Though now she's part of my world
She may not be my blood
But she's still my little girl

I'm sorry I wasn't lucky enough daughter
To be honored by you born with my last name
But I can promise you no matter what
I love you with all my heart just the same
I hate that I missed your birth
But now you are a major part of my world
You may not be my blood
But to me you'll always be still my little girl