Monday, February 22, 2010

I Miss The Piano

Nothing was ever more captivating
Her playing was breath taking
I could listen to her all day long
I was drawn in and nothing was wrong
All my pains and sorrow would disappear
She played the most beautiful music heard
Watching her emotion poured out on the keys
Her fingers could make Jello of my knees

Since she's been gone my life has changed
The sound of music has not been the same
Anytime I hear a concerto, I think about her
I miss the piano and I miss the way we were

I miss her passion, I miss the harmony
I was so fortunate when she played for me
I loved how it made her feel inside
Expressing herself whether she laughed or cried
No matter if it was Mozart or Billy Joel
She opened up her heart and her soul
I know in Heaven they hear the most beautiful sounds
It's no coincidence that God wanted her around

She showed me class and brought me happiness
She deserved the best and nothing less
Being with her was a dream that came true
I miss the piano and damn I miss her too

No more warm up exercises, no more crescendo
No more sparkle in her eyes, I truly miss her so
Now every time I hear Joel's "She's Got A Way"
I listen to every word and note that he plays
She was taken away from us much too soon
We never got to share the stars and the moon
I would give up every thing if I could
To see her sitting next to some baby grand wood
It's not fair that my life has to continue
When I miss the piano and I miss loving you
I miss you playing the piano but most of all, I miss you

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