Monday, February 22, 2010

My Red Rose

From time to time
I give you a red rose
I think of it as a symbol
Of how our love grows

We started as a seed too
And soon we began to bloom
Taking the perfect time
And not blossom too soon

With patience and care
Our petals took their form
They can only get like that
With a love caring and warm

The stems may have thorns
That sometimes stab and poke
But we take those rough spots
And turn them into our joke

Water helps to nurture them
Makes them bigger every day
It's the heart of the growth
Our love grows the same way

The rose also has another meaning
I see it as a breath taking sight
A wonder of nature like you
So beautiful and so perfectly right

So next time I bring you some
I hope that you will know
I'm not giving you a flower
I'm saying you are my red rose

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