Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Love Won't Win This Race

You came through the front door, that look in your eyes
Said we needed to talk and it caught me by surprise
You said that it was over, we could still be friends
And to look at this as a new beginning, not an end
Tears flow down your cheeks and I know it's hurting you
But a punch in the face wouldn't compare to my pain too
I feel like a lost soul and I'll never find that old place
Maybe like a NASCAR driver who has just lost a race
Like I was spun out and I am done for the day
Now we are left as our lives go their own way
I feel like Dale Jr and Kyle Busch just cost me first place
I am off to pit row and I don't think our love wins this race

My heart doesn't stop just because your heart has
Mine is like a driver with his foot stuck on the gas
I understand you don't love me like that anymore
But these feelings I have, I just can't ignore
I need more time to process my new life now
So you will have to excuse me if I still seem down
I hate that we couldn't work this relationship out
But I guess that is part of what life is truly about
So I'll shed some tears, reflect on all of our good years
And probably drink a lot of beers but eventually find next gear
It looks as though unlike Tony Stewart, we won't finish in first place
The caution flag is out and our love is out of this race
We will never be like Jimmie Johnson with many years in first place
The checkered flag is out and it looks as if our love won't win this race

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