Monday, February 22, 2010

Therapy Of The Soul

My words may seem very simplistic
And at times also naively idealistic
I just try to keep myself optimistic
And yet remain somewhat realistic

My imagination is therapy of the soul
Off my tongue, the words fluently roll
For just as a fire is aided by coal
Sharing my words is now my goal

Everyone should find a way of expression
It can help you to combat depression
Possibly help show your life direction
Or at the least, a nice poetry collection

I would hope if you read this, I entertain you
And know what I feel in my heart is true
Hopeful to have a career path to pursue
But my words come only as they need to

Sometimes insomnia can play a major part
As words flow from me, telling me to start
But I need to be heard straight from the heart
No matter the hour, ideas fling out like darts

I will try to fill my words with love, not hate
And with compassion, each word I contemplate
Until the good Lord says its time to pass his gate
I accept this as both a blessing and my fate

For as long as I am told what to say
I will continue to carry on this way
Not knowing what I may share that day
For I am a poet and this is my price to pay

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