Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dana- A Friend Like You

There is this beautiful blonde girl that I adore
She catches guys attention as she walks in the door
Her entrance is like that slow motion movie scene
Where life stops for the prettiest girl you've ever scene
A hair flip and that smile will get your attention
But if your girl sees you noticing, they'll be tension
She likes to have fun and party it up with her friends
When not partying, she loves her Mountain Dew to no end

She can rock a cowboy hat and jeans or bikini...smokin' hot
And when she cares about you, her love is non-stop
Her life hasn't been easy; not every choice was great
But she persevered and maintained her strong faith
She loves her two girls and family with a strong passion
And when it comes to others and animals, shows compassion
She's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll
Loves the movie Notebook and when Homer says "Doh!"
Of course I am referring to my awesome friend Dana
Who I've known since before American's heard the Macarena

And I am writing this today as a way to show her some love
Knowing we've endured a lot and is someone I'm proud of
My hope is that this will help put a smile on her pretty face
And acknowledge that thanks to her, my world's a better place
So Dana just remember that all of what I've said here is true
And I hope others experience having a great friend like you

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