Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beers And Cheers Are Greater Than Tears

Do not mourn me when I pass away
I am not worthy of your heart felt tears
If you feel the need for remembrance
Smile while enjoying pizza and cold beers

Life is too short to spend it mourning me
Take this time to do something you've wanted to try
I assure you that if you just put it off
Your chances diminish within the blink of an eye

I may not have explored a lot in my life
But to me, my goals were simple from the start
I probably never will be a wealthy man
But had family and friends who gave me a rich heart

My tastes were simple, my experiences many
And my dreams fueled my wild imagination
From those visions, words would appear
And writing them out was my destination

So do not fear that I missed out on life
Or that my time came too soon to achieve enough
I have filled up notebooks of emotions
And shared my life whether it was fun or tough

No tears missing me as I will see you soon
No worries because my life was not a waste
No emptiness as I shared my heart as needed
And will love you all the same in my new place

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