Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy At Hooters

It's been a long day and I'm feeling low
I have one more stop then it's home I go
My stomach is rumbling so it's time to eat
So I swing by Hooters and look for a seat
Some may say I just go to enjoy the view
But as great as that is, the food's good too
A Philly cheese steak and wings sound great
Maybe a cold Bud in a glass beside my plate
Jen my waitress arrives and greets me with a smile
She's so friendly, makes me want to stay for a while
To call her beautiful would not cover how she looks
I would compare her to any woman written about in books
I tell myself that she is too gorgeous for me
And she probably spends her day dodging guy's pleas
She talks to me a bit, not knowing she's made my day
I can't help but listen to every word she has to say
Still too shy and afraid of how she may reply
I keep to myself how I feel about her inside
As I get ready to leave, I hand her a $20 tip
She made my day and glad I made the trip
If she only knew how good she made me feel
Jen was like a great dream come true
She made me want to go back whenever I can
I will now and forever be known as a Hooters man

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